The Life and Times of Dangerous Al Jennings

For many, tales of the Wild West elicit visions of horseback riding cowboys, daring outlaws, and dusty saloons. For author Clay Coppedge,...

Discover Indiana History through Beer

our forgotten breweries, just a few of the many highlighted in Hoosier Beer: Tapping into Indiana Brewing History.

The Texas Rangers, Saviors of the Frontier

The Texas Rangers, those horseback-riding peacekeepers sitting tall in the saddle from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle, have a storied history that parallels that of the State of Texas itself. Contrary to popular myth, the Rangers were not just cowboys with badges, but rather, a commissioned and trained militia that ensured peace on the Texas frontier, and in the 20th century, an official law enforcement state agency.

Indianapolis’s Deep and Soulful R&B Tradition

During the 1950s and 1960s, walking down Indiana Avenue was a cultural adventure. The Indianapolis thoroughfare, sometimes referred to as just...

Hoosier WWII Hero Photographer John Bushemi

When it comes to depictions of war, most Hoosiers think of writers—Ernie Pyle and his columns, or Kurt Vonnegut and Slaughterhouse-Five. But John A. Bushemi of Gary, Indiana, achieved great success by capturing World War II with his camera, until he lost his life while taking the war-time photographs he loved.

Ghosts of Galveston’s Great Storm

Galveston, Texas: The Evening of September 8, 1900.  Though federal officials warned Galveston of an incoming...