A Town on the Verge: Flatonia, Texas

Part of the charm of Texas is her small, frontier towns. Why, do you suppose, so many westerns are set in Texas? Flatonia, Texas fits the bill perfectly.

Evansville in World War II

During World War II, the city of Evansville, Indiana manufactured vast amounts of armaments that were vital to the Allied victory. The city made a stunning contribution to the winning of World War II.

Alamo City Ghosts

If San Antonio is the most historic city in Texas, then you know it must have its share of ghosts!

The Burger Chef Murders of Indianapolis: What really happened?

One of the most infamous murder cases in Indiana remains unsolved. What went wrong the night four teenage employees of Burger Chef dissappeared?

Three Texas Heroes, and One Villain

Adapted from Historic Tales from the Texas Republic: A Glimpse of Texas Past By the late Jeffery Robenalt

The Hoosier Teacher who Educated Thousands of Underprivileged Kids

Over the last few years, Indiana politicians and educators have spent a lot of time debating pre-K—namely how to stop Hoosier kids...