Indiana, and Indianapolis in particular, boasts an incredible history of jazz music. There were wonderful places, Indiana Avenue and its many performance venues. But there were also wonderful artists. Here are five of the very best, even if some have been forgotten.
In 1896, up-and-coming executive with the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad William Crush hatched a crazy plan to stage a locomotive collision, promote the hell out of it, and make a ton of money. Crush used the premise of “scientific research” to justify the potentially dangerous venture.
One of the most infamous murder cases in Indiana remains unsolved. What went wrong the night four teenage employees of Burger Chef dissappeared?
During the 1950s and 1960s, walking down Indiana Avenue was a cultural adventure. The Indianapolis thoroughfare, sometimes referred to as just “the Avenue,” offered musical venues, restaurants, and theaters that catered to the city’s black community. 
While Elkhart, Indiana may be better known for its Amish community, this small town also carries the title for being the capital of Recreational Vehicle (RV) production in the United States. Thanks to the Hoosier spirit and...
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