7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving the standard bouquet of flowers and a card, many people want to choose a more unique to celebrate the day. After all, your mom is one of a kind! She deserves to be honored in a way that’s as special and amazing as she is. 

The following are just a few suggestions for making Mother’s Day a little more creative this year. Don’t be afraid to personalize them or allow them to inspire new ideas of your own. 

Recreate treasured family photos.

If your family is like most, there are candid snapshots, and then there are cherished family photos that everyone loves. Get together with your siblings and choose one or two group photos from your childhood. Then bring those moments back to life by recreating those same shots. The key to success here is to nail the location, clothing, and key accessories from the original photo. Frame the best one and give it to your mom as a gift. 

Pack a picnic to enjoy together.

Lots of people take their mothers out to brunch or dinner on Mother’s Day, but why fight the inevitable crowds and waste this important day waiting in line? Instead, pack a portable picnic just for two. Include all of her favorite foods, especially any that evoke special memories from your childhood. Then take her to her favorite park or garden so that you can enjoy it together.

Give your mother a guided tour of where you work.

Does your mother constantly tell others how proud she is of your career? Is she always full of questions about your coworkers, your office, and how you are an integral part of the company? Consider bringing your mother to your workplace and introduce her to your coworkers. It will be a meaningful experience for both of you.

Make a difference together.

For many mothers, their giving spirit doesn’t stop at home with their own children and family. They care just as much about their community as well. If that sounds like your mom, consider volunteering together this Mother’s Day. Choose a cause she’s passionate about and spend the day giving back as a team. Invite your siblings to come, too! 

Write her something heartfelt.

Short on cash this Mother’s Day? Looking for a gift that’s extra meaningful for reasons of your own? Nothing is more important to a mother than knowing she’s made a difference in the lives of her children. Consider turning your own words and gratitude into a gift to remember. 

If you’re good at creative writing, compose your very own Ode to Mom in either poetry or prose form. Print out a decorative copy in a pretty font and frame it. Not much of a wordsmith? Try making Mom a list of the valued skills, lessons, and wisdom she’s taught you over the years instead. 

Stage a photo shoot.

What better way to commemorate a special day than with pictures? Start the day by taking your mom to her favorite department store. Treat her to some new cosmetics, accessories, or clothes of her choice. Then treat yourselves to a photo shoot to commemorate the special day.

Plant flowers together.

Instead of simply handing your mother a bouquet of flowers, treat her to something more meaningful—time spent planting beautiful living things in the yard. Visit a nursery together to choose some new seedlings or other options for her vibrant garden. Then gather your siblings together to help Mom plant them. Alternatively, you could all spend some time contributing to a community garden—the perfect way to spend everyone’s favorite spring holiday!