5 Fascinating Culture and History Topics to Explore Today


If you’re absolutely in love with the experience of reading and learning, then it only stands to reason that you’ve read your share of non-fiction books over the years. It’s not hard to see why, either. Non-fiction literature on topics like history, culture, and people are so much more than just collections of information. They’re also part of our collective story as human beings. 

That said, if regional interest reading material isn’t on your radar yet, it definitely should be. Local interest books explore a wide range of different topics from unique points of view that you might not have the chance to experience otherwise. The following are just a few options to consider the next time you’re looking for something new to explore. 

1. Business and Entrepreneurship 

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, more people than ever before are exploring the wide, wonderful world of going into business for themselves. Topics like economics, business management, and product development are no longer just topics of interest for CEOs and company managers. These days, just about everyone is interested in what makes businesses of all types tick. 

Local interest literature is a wonderful way to explore the topics of business and industry in detail. Explore the earliest days of some of the country’s most noteworthy industrial cities, big and small – everywhere from Bristol, Connecticut to Detroit, Michigan. Discover the origins of major brands like Zippo, A&P, and Levi Strauss, as well. 

2. Ethnic Studies and Immigrants 

Many people tend to think of America as not having much of a culture of its own. However, it would be more accurate to say that it’s a perfect patchwork of all the cultural influences that have made it what it is today. Our country would quite simply not be the same wonderful place without the immigrants that have called it home over the years. 

Exploring regional interest books on various communities and ethnic groups in America is a wonderful way to discover the amazing backstories of American immigrants and minorities through the ages. Learn how the contributions of immigrant Japanese, Italians, Irish, Chinese, and more helped shape their communities throughout history. Enrich your understanding of notable African-American communities from all over the nation. Explore the many cultural influences as they relate to your own hometown’s backstory. 

3. Food, Drink, and Restaurants 

Food and drink is another incredibly hot topic these days. Just about everyone is exploring the possibilities offered by farm-to-table dining, food truck culture, craft brewing, or fusion cuisine. Local interest literature offers you the opportunity to dig even deeper and get to know your favorite culinary topics on an entirely new level. 

Explore the origins and influences behind the local cuisine in your hometown or in regards to your favorite vacation spots. Discover the rich traditions behind Cajun cuisine or learn all about how food trucks came to be considered such an essential Los Angeles staple. Explore the backstories behind individual eateries, farms, and local ingredients throughout history.

4. Hauntings and Paranormal

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate a well-told ghost story. Stories of hauntings, paranormal phenomena, and unexplained happenings only become more fascinating when they’re rooted in history and based on real-life accounts. 

Regional interest literature is perhaps one of the best, most detailed ways to explore the history of hauntings and paranormal phenomena in America. Devour fascinating volumes devoted to some of America’s most infamously haunted cities, like Nashville, Boston, Charleston, and New Orleans. Even Reno and Las Vegas come alongside their own chilling tales of historic hauntings rooted in a fascinating past. 

5. American Sports History 

It’s hard to think of anything more American than sports. Whether you’re into baseball, football, hockey, or golf, the chances are excellent that you’ve been following your favorite teams in one capacity or another since childhood. However, there’s a lot more to being an avid sports enthusiast than stats and averages. 

Local interest history allows you a rivetingly intimate look at your favorite sports as they relate to American culture throughout history. Absorb the personal backstories of local legends that influenced the way sports are played forever. Learn more about the nation’s finest, most noteworthy college teams. Delve into the histories of famous venues, techniques, and strategies. 

With Arcadia Publishing’s robust collection of regional and local interest literature in your corner, the possibilities are wide open as far as all you can discover and learn. Start exploring today, and get to know all of your favorite topics, cities, and points of interest on an intimate new level.