Today, we celebrate the life of the great entrepreneur and philanthropist Madam C.J. Walker (1867 – 1919) who has been described as the first American self-made woman millionaire.  This...
By the time Elbert Gary had completed his plans, the Indiana city of Gary and its mills could boast twelve blast furnaces, forty-seven steel furnaces, an impressive harbor -- and an unknown number of lingering ghosts.
During the 1950s and 1960s, walking down Indiana Avenue was a cultural adventure. The Indianapolis thoroughfare, sometimes referred to as just “the Avenue,” offered musical venues, restaurants, and theaters that catered to the city’s black community. 
This charming Ohio River town has featured some amazing and inspirational residents. The first settlers arrived in Aurora, which sits just 20 miles south of Cincinnati, in the 1790s. They were Revolutionary War veterans looking for...
our forgotten breweries, just a few of the many highlighted in Hoosier Beer: Tapping into Indiana Brewing History.
When it comes to depictions of war, most Hoosiers think of writers—Ernie Pyle and his columns, or Kurt Vonnegut and Slaughterhouse-Five. But John A. Bushemi of Gary, Indiana, achieved great success by capturing World War II with his camera, until he lost his life while taking the war-time photographs he loved.
Over the last few years, Indiana politicians and educators have spent a lot of time debating pre-K—namely how to stop Hoosier kids from falling further behind and how to pay for the new programs. 
One of the most infamous murder cases in Indiana remains unsolved. What went wrong the night four teenage employees of Burger Chef dissappeared?
Indiana, and Indianapolis in particular, boasts an incredible history of jazz music. There were wonderful places, Indiana Avenue and its many performance venues. But there were also wonderful artists. Here are five of the very best, even if some have been forgotten.
Today, most Hoosiers would recognize only the city of Muncie and maybe a few other, smaller spots in Delaware County. But the area boasts many more towns, some of which have disappeared, all of which have their own amazing stories.

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